PEMF – Holistic Aid to Natural Pain Relief, Faster Healing & Well-being

Comparison of PEMF Body Mats

Wire Mesh Coils

Whole Body Mat

Non-insulated copper coils deliver a pure electro-magnetic exposure with almost no “noise” and create highly efficient induction capability.

No competitive system on the market delivers this combined and highly effective solution. IMRS Prime & Omnium1 PEMF have better coils in full body mat and smaller body parts applicators.

Non-Insulated Copper Coils

As seen in Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS Prime) & Omnium1 Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) systems.

Omnium1 PEMF Applicators


Triple Sawtooth Wave


Square Wave


Square Wave

Top 10 Benefits of Omnium1 PEMF System

OmniSpot and Exagon Spot are designed; allowing user to wrap the two coils around the application area and create the so called “Helmholtz-Effect.” This effect produces a region of a nearly uniform magnetic field in the center of the two coils and is therefore highly effective for pain relief and healing.

How to Correctly, Objectively & Seriously Compare PEMF Devices?