Anti Aging

PEMF as an Aid to Anti-Aging

Blood Clot Leads to Heart Attack


Without PEMF
Health Issues
Optimum Health

Consistent Use of PEMF is the Key

Healthy Blood Flow to Healthy Heart

Powerful Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

LBA After Using PEMF
for 3 Months

Healthy Looking Free Flowing
Separated Red Blood Cells

Dr. Jim Maynard

Ran 3 Miles a Day & Workout in the Gym for Many Years. Yet 5 Heart Attacks
LBA After Stopping PEMF for 3 Weeks Unhealthy Looking Sticky Red Blood Cells Leading to Blockage of Blood Flow and Blood Clots.

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Health Maintenance with PEMF
Dr. Jim used PEMF Daily for
3 Months:
🗹 Better sleep
🗹 No fatigue
🗹 No chest pain
🗹 No shortness of breath
🗹 Blood pressure; normal with

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Is Conventional Lifestyle Enough?
🗹 First heart attack – 98% block
🗹 Triple bypass open heart surgery done
🗹 4 more heart attacks in next 4 years
🗹 Chest pain
🗹 Fatigue
🗹 Shortness of breath

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Consequences of Poor Microcirculation

When Dr. Jim Stopped Using PEMF 

    • More chest pain
    •    More fatigue
    •    Very short of breath
    • Blood pressure went up despite
  • Changing blood pressure meds


Health Benefits of PEMF

Dr Garry Gordon Discusses the Benefits of the PEMF Machine

PEMF in Health – Anne Bernard
Silicon Valley Health Institute

Guillain Barre Syndrome Video Credit: Jack Kribs D C

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PEMF devices do not treat a specific condition. 

Instead, they optimize your body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions of all your organs.

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