PEMF as an Aid to Chronic Disease

“Got to come up with an innovative idea to help you heal. We’ve exhausted all conventional treatments and ideas. You have reached the plateau. One last desperate option is to put you on a holistic therapy that has the highest success rate.”

“Supplement Earth’s Magnetic Field energy with PEMF. iMRS and Omnium1 PEMF fixes the root cause of the health issue, rather than masking it temporarily. PEMF is not a throw away quick fix, but an investment in your health!”

How Legit is PEMF Therapy?

FDA has Approved PEMF as Follows:

1979- Healing of Non-Union Fractures
1998- Urinary Incontinence and Muscle Stimulation
2004- Cervical Fusion Patients at
High-Risk of Non-Fusion
2006-Depression and Anxiety
2011- Brain Cancer
2015- FDA Reclassified PEMF
Devices As Wellness Devices

November 2014

Swiss Bionic Solutions made history as the first legal whole body PEMF system in North America to receive the medical device license from Health Canada. Medical doctors in Canada can prescribe PEMF sessions & devices to their patients and some insurance companies may even pay for all or part of it.

March 2018

The United Kingdom’s National Health System funded by the government, has approved an application to cover and pay for a low-level PEMF therapy device.
British celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Cherie Blair, Sir Anthony Hopkins use PEMF too. More than 4000 athletes in Europe use PEMF regularly.

Three PEMF Models

Most Popular Model
iMRSone / Omnium1 2.0

Latest Model
iMRS Prime

Coolest Model
iMRS iFauna

Benefits of iMRS PEMF System

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Technology Matters in your Choice of PEMF System

Swiss Bionic Solutions, the developer and manufacturer of the MRS and iMRS-Systems, fulfills all legally required standards for product safety and compliance, for the distribution of PEMF devices for home use within the designated countries. In USA the MRS- and iMRS-series are registered and regulated with the FDA. View Certifications.