iFauna – Stress Free PEMF Technique for Animals

Animals in the Zoo

iMRS Fauna Pulsating Electro
Magnetic Fields for Animals
Video Credit: Swiss Bionic Solutions


PEMF as an Aid Therapy for Horses

iMRS Saves Life of a Horse
Video Credit: MediConsult MRS2000

Treating Racehorses with PEMF
Video Credit: EMD2008

Cushings Disease In Horses
Video Credit: GoIMRS2000

PEMF as an Aid Therapy to Pets

iMRS 2000 Animal Testimonial
Dog with Severe Pancreatitis
Video Credit: iMRS 2000

Sushi, the Cat with the Tumor
Video Credit: PEMF JoyfulHealth

iMRS 2000 & Abby the Dog
Amazing Dog Healing!
Video Credit: iMRS 2000

Honey Bunny Regains Independence after PEMF

Honey Bunny on her Wheelchair

Honey Bunny on iMRS PEMF Therapy Mat

Honey Bunny Healed with PEMF