PEMF as an Aid Therapy for Chronic Diseases

PEMFs and Osteoporosis
Video Credit: Dr. Pawluk

At 64 (almost 65!) Steve’s Broken Back Healed in HALF The Time
Video Credit: Patti Bartsch, Ph.D.

PEMF and Blood Pressure
Video Credit:PEMF JoyfulHealth

PEMF Testimonials
One Day in Dr. Robert Gilliland’s Clinic.
Video Credit: Dr. Robert Gililand

PEMF Miracle in Room 237
PEMF奇蹟案例: 237病房
Pancreatitis & Multiple Sclerosis
Video Credit: Dr. Kim Shunkwiler

PEMF Expert Dr. Joel Carmichael Explains iMRS & MRS
Video Credit:Dr. Joel P. Carmichael

Seizures, Sciatica, Colitis,
and Fracture Testimonial
Video Credit: Healthy Spaces

Spondylosis-Carol Can Use Stairs
and Take Walks Again with PEMF
Video Credit: Dr. Lewis M. Clark

PEMF and Lyme and Chemical Sensitivity PEMF Omnium1 Mat
Video Credit: PEMF JoyfulHealth

PEMF, Hashimoto’s and Sciatica
Video Credit: Tom Sladic

Margaret Describes the Benefits
from her PEMF Treatment
Video Credit: Simply Reset

Multiple Sclerosis – MRS 2000+
Video Credit: Brandon Kress